Paid Advertising

Dollars vs Delivery

There are many channels of paid advertising and each has their own unique set of advantages over the other channels. With so many channels out there, how do you determine which is the best for you? Sticking with the best channel for paid advertising may seem like the best approach but just imagine the countless number of audience that you’re missing out by not tapping onto those channels.
When it comes to paid advertising, the campaign delivers the ad to your audience. Measuring the campaign’s performance has always been a priority in terms of measuring how well the paid advertising is doing. This approach is common but does it necessarily mean that having a high performance campaign is better than having another campaign which yields a poorer performance but leads to a higher ROI? Balancing the two is key to having a successful advertising campaign!

“Power of the Pixel”

Ever wondered why your competitors are always getting in more new leads compared to yours? With the ever increasing popularity of the digital world, not being pixel-centric leads to your competitors having that edge against you. The “Power of the Pixel” ensures that you are always one step ahead of your competitors.

Our Approach

10xaudience has its own in-house Media Team which specialises in the “Art and Science” of advertising. The team constantly conducts rigorous research and development to identify which advertising platform provides reach to An advertisement is only as good as it’s data. In the digital world, data is king. Having an enormous library of data puts your brand ahead of your competitors. What’s most important when running paid advertisements is determining how effective your campaigns are. So, how do we read these data?
The team at 10xaudience provides a comprehensive look at your campaigns performance to determine the appropriate strategy to move forward.

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